26 May, 2017

“Pelican” will rise in Renderownia Świerk

The Sponsorship Program of Polish Film Art will support the production of "Pelikan" directed by Mrs. Magda Osińska, performed by Animoon sp. z o.o.

This is the first film production which we have the honor to support under the Sponsorship Program implemented in cooperation with the Polish Film Institute. Today a contract has been signed, in which NCBJ committed to provide a significant discount on Renderownia Świerk services used for “Pelican” development.

Project description

One day, on a city junkyard, a 12 year old boy Emil meets a young pelican, Ro, with this meeting crossing their paths forever. Emil is a photography passionate looking for a friend; Ro leaves his hometown Pelican Island, following the sound of music, travelling to the city despite his father’s warnings. In the city Ro finds a hideout in Emil’s room, and the only person that knows the secret is Elza – Emil’s neighbour. Their trip to the opera house begins a whole new adventure – Ro’s sudden appearance on the stage launches his career as a grand singer. Thanks to the costume he wears, nobody recognises that he is a pelican. But our friends can’t be fooled by Ro’s interim stabilisation – mean Janitor is following their every step. He owns the city junkyard, and has a history of polluting the Pelican Bay. Together – Elza, Emil and Pelican, will face him, bringing peace back to the bay. "Pelican" is a moving and dynamic story of extraordinary friendship, dreams, acceptance and discovery of who you really are.

It promises to be extremely interesting. We will do our utmost to ensure that this beautiful picture is made quickly and efficiently thanks to our services.

Renderownia Świerk Team