• We guarantee that 1 RB is sufficient for
  • The guaranteed price per 1 GHz h
  • Currently 1 RB is sufficient for
  • The current price per 1 GHz h


  • 70.00 GHz h

  • 0.057 - 0.143 zł

  • 116.67 GHz h

  • 0.034 - 0.086 zł


  • 55.00 GHz h

  • 0.073 - 0.182 zł

  • 91.67 GHz h

  • 0.044 - 0.109 zł


  • 40.00 GHz h

  • 0.100 - 0.250 zł

  • 66.67 GHz h

  • 0.060 - 0.150 zł

The above mentioned price ranges refer to the bulk and retail Renderbon order conditions

The principles of payment

Charges for the Renderownia Świerk rendering services are paid upfront (prepayment) in the form of a Renderbons order. Each new customer (company) at the beginning receives 10 Renderbons with nominal value of 100 zl free. Once the Renderbons are made available, will never expire and their "purchasing power" will never diminish. We guarantee that one Renderbon is sufficient for 70 / 55 / 40 GHzh of calculations, respectively for priorities Standard / Business / Premium.

Bulk orders of Renderbons allow you to reduce the price of the services up to 60%. Cost reduction obtained in this way will remain until all purchased Renderbons are used.

For our clients we organize periodic promotions. During their period of validity all render orders will be billed at lower rates expressed in Renderbons. Currently valid promotion offers a discount of 40%. It is valid until the 30-09-2020.

A good illustration of how to effectively use a combination of bulk discounts and periodic promotions is "Example of calculation" published October 20, 2015. You only have to take into account the fact that the current promotion is lower.

Price list of Renderownia Świerk determines the conditions for enhancing the allocated time and disk space to store the data, specify how much the cost of the calculation task is allowed to exceed the value of received Renderbons and many other features. Full price list is available in PDF format.


Additional services

The Renderownia Świerk service additionally offers:

  • 10 free Renderbons for each new client with a nominal value of 100 zł.
  • The ability to store data without charge up to 50 GB.
  • The ability to store free of charge for 30 days data of a volume of 1 TB.
  • Opportunity to reserve an additional disk space or a longer storage time - see price list.

The bandwidth of our redundant Internet connections is 10 Gbit/s, which should be enough to send input data and download the rendering results. However, for customers who suffer restrictions on connection bandwidth, we have prepared a special data collection service at the premises of NCBJ in Świerk (about 30 km from Warsaw). Anyone interested please feel free to contact us by contact form.

NCBJ also offers You a special Sponsorship Program offering an additional, special discount for movies of particular importance for national culture. Interested in this form of cooperation, please fill out the contact form.