You do not need the Automatic service, just want to use any software renderer on a dedicated render farm?


We've got an offer for You!


We provide servers from HPC Cluster (High Performance Computing) located at the National Center for Nuclear Research (NCBJ) in Świerk. Our supercomputer uses a massively parallel data processing and provides access to a large and fast memory and storage (SSD, NAS).


CPU ModelE5-2680 v2E5-2680 v3E5-2680 v3
Number of cores202424
RAM128 GB128 GB256 GB
Local disk (SSD)400 GB400 GB400 GB
GPU Model--------------------------------Tesla K80
GPU number / RAM GPU--------------------------------4 / 48 GB

Performance capabilities (Cinebench-R15)

2635 pt.3260 pt.


Price of the service mainly depends on the number of servers and the time for which the service is to be provided (the duration of the Session). For larger orders we offer significant discounts, in particular discounts within the NCBJ Sponsorship Program of Polish Film Art.

The table below shows how does the price of a single server per day depends on the number of ordered servers multiplied by number of ordered days (“server-days”).

server-daysE5-2680 v2E5-2680 v3server-daysE5-2680 v3 / GPU
145.00 zł180.00 zł7
350.00 zł
10137.75 zł171.00 zł10332.50 zł
30130.50 zł162.00 zł23315.00 zł
90116.00 zł144.00 zł55280.00 zł
21094.25 zł117.00 zł125227.50 zł
600to be negotiatedto be negotiated350to be negotiated

More information about the offer can be found here.

Fill out the contact form with the subject "Dedicated Servers" giving the number of servers and the period for which you need them. As far as the technical possibilities, we will provide them to you.