The Polish Film Art Sponsorship Program is addressed to the beneficiaries of the Operational Programs of the Polish Film Institute. With the aim of creating the most favourable conditions for the development of Polish film production on one hand and promoting the good name and NCBJ brand on the other hand, the Polish Film Institute (PISF) and NCBJ agreed to cooperate in the framework of this Program. The Program participants can use the "Renderownia Świerk" services on preferential conditions.

In accordance with the rules applied by the PISF, the amount of funds saved by the film producer due to discounts granted for the Renderownia Świerk services is treated as the producer’s own contribution (clause in the PISF Operational Programs).

Within the framework of the Sponsorship Program NCBJ enables rendering of 3D animation for the purpose of production of animated films, animated series and also special effects for feature films. The preferential conditions of using the Renderownia Świerk services is made subject to the film producer’s permission to publish an information on sponsored film production on the websites of NCBJ and Renderownia Świerk.

As part of the cooperation with the Polish Film Institute, NCBJ committed to continually expand the range of services provided by Renderownia Świerk and adapt them to the requirements of professional film production subsidized by the Polish Film Institute, as well as increase productivity of Renderownia Świerk in response to increasing demand from the beneficiaries, so that the services provided by Renderownia Świerk have a real value for them.

The first, NCBJ-sponsored productions have already been completed. Below we present short info about them.

"Warsaw 1935" directed by Tomasz Gomoła

It was the first film rendered at the Świerk Computer Center in NCBJ. Everything started from him. Produced by Newborn was finished in 2013, so before the Polish Film Art Sponsorship Program was formally established. The film shows the original buildings of the capital of Poland, destroyed as a result of the Second World War. Among others Marszałkowska street from Jerozolimskie avenue to the Saski Garden, as well as the area of Napoleon square and J. H. Dąbrowski square. The creators in this way have recreated the unique atmosphere of Warsaw and restored the memory of its former glory.



"Acid Rain" directed by Tomasz Popakul

The film was produced by Animoon in 2018. We are proud to announce that "Acid Rain" was invited to the short film program at the prestigious Sundance film festival 2019 in the USA. The film's action takes place somewhere in Eastern Europe. The Young runs away from her depressing hometown. That's how he meets Skinny - a bit of an unstable weirdo who lives in a camping van, which he uses to run his not-so-legal job errands. Their common path leads into increasingly strange areas.


Another productions are in progress ...

Those interested in further information, in particular Beneficiaries of Operational Programs of the Polish Film Institute please send a message via the contact form.