20 Oct, 2015

Example of calculation

Answering the emerging questions about the cost of Renderownia Świerk services we present to you the example calculation of costs for a job lasting for full two weeks of rendering using 5 servers (each with 2 ten-core Intel Xeon CPU).

This job will use 94 080 GHzh of computing power (5 serves x 2 CPU x 10 cores x 2.8 GHz x 24 h x 14 days).

Cost (guaranteed without promotion) to perform such tasks in priority STANDARD is 1 344 Renderbons (94 080 GHzh / 70).

The cost of this task in PLN will depend, at what price You will order your Renderbons:

  • for the retail price of 10 zł / RB (in packages up to 100 RB), is 13 440 zł net,
  • for the price of 9 zł / RB (a package of 501 to 2,000 RB), is 12 096 zł net,
  • for the bulk price of 4 zł / RB, when ordering more Renderbons, is 5 376 zł net.

During the current promotion (90% discount for "BETA" Test which is valid until 30-11-2015 r.) The cost for the customer, however, will as much as 10 times lower - the same job therefore will use only 134.40 RB. Depending on whether the customer will order them for 10 zł or for 4 zł, the total cost will amount 1 344.00 zł net or even only 537.60 zł net.

When ordering a single package of 135 RB (package 101 to 500 RB) You will get the price of 9.50 zł / RB, resulting in your job costing 1 276.80 zł net.

RB price in a packageNet cost (guaranteed)Net cost (current promotion)
10.00 zł13 440.00 zł1 344.00 zł
4.00 zł5 376.00 zł537.60 zł

The current promotion lasts until the end of November 2015.

The above example is only an illustration of how our price list is working. The biggest advantage Renderownia Świerk is its huge capacity. Nobody wants to wait 2 weeks for his/her results. Our jobs monitoring and optimizing the use of cluster resources system will "employ" instead of five, for example 70 servers. The task described in example will take one day only, and what’s important, for the same cost for the Customer.

Renderownia Świerk Team