16 May, 2016

New advanced services

We have just introduced two new services for demanding customers: "Dedicated Servers" and "Custom Configuration".

In response to the suggestions provided by the filmmakers society representatives we have launched for you two new services. It turned out that our proven and stable "Automatic Service" utilising 3ds max and V-Ray software is too inflexible for professional and advanced artistic film production. Today, professionals from the film industry make use of a whole range of tools depending on which graphic effects they are needed in the realised production.

That is why we have introduced a new service "Dedicated servers", which allows the use basically any renderer. We provide this service by installing on a selected number of servers the software provided by the Customer. We offer maximum flexibility in the number of required servers and duration of their use. Our pricing scheme ensures significant discounts for large orders. Feel free to use the service ...

Another new service is the "Custom Configuration". This time, a prerequisite for the design was the need for maximum integration of the render farm with the Client’s own computing environment. The idea is to obtain the maximum artistic effects within a very effective process of team collaboration, which is the standard in professional film studios. Our goal is that people every day working in their own company environment would not even notice, that their jobs are performed on a remote render farm. By the way, the new "Custom Configuration" service is open to any additional customer needs. E.g. locating their own IT equipment in Renderownia Świerk, creation of new applications and services, support in diagnosing operation of complex computing services etc. The customer will find here full range of outsourcing and other advanced professional services.

Renderownia Świerk Team